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Why Is Our QuickBooks Training Better?

Why is our Training Better For You?

Customized Training For You. You don't sit in a virtual classroom with people you don't know learning things you don't need. All our training is one-on-one customized to your needs. You only learn what is important you.

Expert Instruction from Pros.  Every one of our instructors are QuickBooks Advanced certified and Pro Advisors that work with QuickBooks every single day.

Learn At Your Speed.  You control the pace of the learning to meet your needs and experience in order to maximize your learning and retention.

Money Back Guarantee.  If after completing our QuickBooks training you are not completely satisfied we will refund 100% of your fees no questions asked.

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What Some of Our Clients Say
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Who Are We?
  • Founded in 2000, we are AIS SOLUTIONS, a nationally recognized award winning bookkeeping firm training small business clients from coast to coast. Our Pros only work with QuickBooks.

  • We are winners of Intuit's (QuickBooks) Global Firm of the Future selected from over 1000 firms around the world and were the first Canadian firm to win this prestigious award.

  • We were also selected as the Canadian Bookkeeping Firm of the Year by CPB - Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada.

  • In 2016, we launched "Kninja.net", an online education, training and support platform that helps other bookkeepers and accountants all across North America.
How Does It Work?
  • You begin by simply buying a block of time. As little as one hour. 

  • Once your time is purchased we get in touch to schedule your training at a convenient time for you (Training is available during regular business hours from Monday to Friday)

  • Your training is always personalized. Every session is customized to meet your needs and cover only the topics you need. All training sessions are one-on-one – you never share a classroom with people you don’t know

  • All training takes place in your QuickBooks database with your own data – this way we can help you learn how to do it right using your own financial information not someone else’s demo account

  • The time you buy never expires so there is no pressure to use it all by a predetermined deadline. 

  • Training takes place online using zoom video conferencing

  • All of our trainers are QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisors in Quickbooks 
Who Is This Training For?
  • You are a "Do it yourself" business owner wanting to do your books the right way

  • You run a small business and don't have the budget to outsource your bookkeeping

  • You are new to QuickBooks Online and want to be more comfortable in the software

  • You are a family member with little or no experience being asked to do the bookkeeping for the family business

  • You are an admin person being asked to do some data entry into QuickBooks

  • You have a general knowledge of QuickBooks Online but want to take a deeper dive into a specific QuickBooks function or module – e.g. payables, payroll, bank reconciliations, sales tax, job costing, etc.

  • You need to create customized reporting or invoicing in QuickBooks

  • You need help connecting 3rd party applications to QuickBooks Online 

  • You are an experienced Bookkeeper but are new to QuickBooks Online

How Much Training Do I Need?

Unfortunately, the answer is always. It depends. Everyone is different. We all learn at various speeds. What do you need to learn? How much experience do you have? As a general estimate – if you have little or no QuickBooks experience –  you can count on a minimum of 2+ hours to learn each module, such as payroll, payables, sales tax, etc. However, this is only a guideline based upon our experience.

Can I Use My Time For Ongoing Support?
Absolutely, many of our clients purchase a block of time training and support package on a regular basis and use it as their ongoing “QuickBooks Support” should they run into any issues throughout the year.
Training Starts at just $139

Prefer not to wait? CALL our TOLL FREE NUMBER and SPEAK with someone NOW: 1-888-575-5385


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